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Our Selection of Services

 Happy Clients is Our Motto

At  Krush Beauty Studio Aesthetic Spa,We focus on our clients by providing  professional and relax treatments. We are dedicated to providing  an amazing experience for our clients. We care  about relaxation and pampering. Krush Beauty Aesthetic Spa feels self care is a must. We  focus on a  therapeutic wellbeing  experience and  awesome results at Krush Beauty Studio Aesthetic Spa!

Woman eye with beauty lashes. Eyelash extension procedure..jpg

 Lash Extensions

We offer classic lash extensions

We offer hybrid lash extensions

We offer volume lash extensions

We offer mega volume lash extensions

 We offer Lash Lift 

We offer Lash Tint

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Spa Services



Chemical Peels

RF Face Lift Facial

Acne  Facials 

Hydra Facials

Signature Facials 

Olivia Special

Back Facials

Men's Detoxifying Pore Facial

Collagen & Peptides Boost Mask

Brightening Treatment

Microdermabrasion Glow with  Oxygen Infusion

Light Therapy and Microcurrent 

Body Detox Wrap Treatment

Permanent make-up for eyebrows of beauti


Microblading is a modern alternative makeup technique used to achieve the appearance of full, crisp and perfectly curved eyebrows.

We offer Henna Brows

We offer Microblading 

We offer Brow Tint 

We offer Brow Lamination  

procedure removing cellulite on female abdomen, cavitation belly massage. Ultrasonic massa

Restore Cavitation

Cavitation Body Contouring Treatment History

The use of ultrasonic waves to break up cellulite deposits is a relatively new technology. The first non-surgical liposuction device received FDA approval in 2010.

The Ultrasound Cavitation Treatment Process

Lipo cavitation also targets fat deposits, but the procedure is non-invasive and has virtually no side effects or recovery time.

Lipo cavitation uses ultrasound — sound waves — to break up fat cells stubbornly clinging below the skin. The fat cell membrane is disintegrated, and the body’s natural detoxifying processes take care of the rest. The ultrasound frequency used only affects fat cells, so no other tissues are damaged during treatment.

Top view on inscription _wax_ laid out with hot wax for depilation. Hair removal procedure

Body Waxing

Krush Beauty Aesthetics Spa offers superior waxing formulas for your waxing needs. When you come to Krush Beauty Aesthetic Spa for hair removal services, be assured that the only waxing formulas we use are top of the line products that are safe and time-tested, and that our facility is 100 percent hygienic.

We use two excellent waxing formulas. Which one we choose depends on the hair removal service you want and the sensitivity of your skin. We offer a free consultation with our waxing professionals and a quick patch test to determine which wax is best for your skin. Depending on the areas you want hair removed from, we might suggest a combination of the two waxes.

Our waxing services are quick and effective, as we try to provide a waxing experience for our clients, which is as comfortable as possible.

High Fashion model metallic silver lips

Professional Makeup

As a licensed aesthetician and professional makeup artist, my objective is for you to feel confident in your skin. My style for makeup is in between a naturally enhanced or soft glam style. I prefer timeless over trendy with an end goal of using makeup to define, highlight and accentuate your natural beauty. Makeup is my art, and you are my masterpiece.

On the skin care side of things you'll get all the relaxation you need to unwind and leave with glowing radiant photo ready skin. I am a huge believer in the power of touch and what better way to relax than with a facial. I strongly encourage all of my brides to utilize my services leading up to their big day. Makeup only looks as good as the skin underneath it.

Want to learn more about our treatments and safety standards? Call us today.

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